Little Uncle is a small restaurant based on the food eaten everyday in the homes, family run restaurants and makeshift street-side stalls of Thailand. Little Uncle is inspired by the common shophouse restaurants that combine business space with living space to create a place where family, friends and guests come to eat, drink and enjoy themselves. The food of Little Uncle is a throwback to a time of unnecessary embellishment and the coaxing of flavors by the use of time honored technique and fresh ingredients.  Peeks Pantry uses the same philosophy in creating each product.   We put thought into where the raw ingredients are sourced, whether it be here, there, or way over there, the ingredients must be high quality and from trusted folk that we want to support. For example, in our red curry paste we get fresh chilies from Tonnemaker Farms (Here!), whole kaffir limes and leaves from California (There!) and shrimp paste from a great family run producer called Tra Chang in Rayong, Thailand(Way Over There!) All products are cooked, processed and packaged in our Pioneer Square kitchen by our well trained staff.


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